What We Specialize

The process of selecting a country, a University, or a program is not as simple as it appears to be.  There are many countries and universities offering the same program but sometimes factors such as its legacy, accreditation, country and international ranking, specialisation, faculty, its educational environment and infrastructure, facilities, resources, cost of education, mapping the career path of its alumnus, extra-curricular activities and so on.

It requires in-depth knowledge coupled with experience which is what Campus Call is all about.  Campus Call is the single point knowledge centre to meet your every need, right from your career aspirations, matching it with your academic profile, your key strengths, subject expertise and a couple of other factors to find the most suitable option for you.  We guide and assist students in understanding the admission process, thereby helping you save on avoidable expenditure on various tests.

We help aspiring students in the complying with the cumbersome admission process in the format that is acceptable to the Universities so that chances of your application’s acceptance become high.  This is important because each institution follows a different process that is unique, whilst some factors remain common.

Selection of the Right Institution

There are many factors involved in the selection of a University or Institution that you wish to pursue your higher students.  While you can only select an institution, the final authority to grant you admission lies with the admission office of the university.

You will need to shortlist a few universities based on criteria like their legacy, the infrastructure, resources, cost of education, hostel accommodation, and composition of students coming from various countries that will give you a deeper understanding of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic traditional and values.

Hostel Accommodation

Assurance of safe hostel accommodation in the campus is a pre-requisite, especially for girls because it will reassure parents of their child’s safety.  Private accommodation outside the college can not only be very expensive but also not very secure in a foreign country.  Campus Call provides comprehensive information about hostel accommodation, assist and students to avail the best and most economical accommodation available.

Admission Documentation

A student’s application consists of the Institutions application form, an informative but brief resume, a Statement of Purpose (SoP), supporting copies of credentials and academic achievements.  For your application to clear through all the steps and receive the attention of the admission team, your documentation should be complete, attractive and in order.  A document out of order may prove to be risky and lead to rejection, not because you are academically not compliant but because your documentation was not in order, We help you in every step to sudy abroad.

Resume Preparation

The resume building process is very cumbersome one.  It requires a thorough understanding of the candidate, discussing his academic achievements during the school and college years, involvement in extra-curricular activities, hobbies, passion and highlighting your interests.  The key lies in the presentation, not overstating it or understating any aspect but balancing the right mix that is brief but at the same time informative that presents you as the most suitable candidate the university can have.

Honing Writing Skills

One of the keys of your university days will be your writing skills.  We help you work on your writing skills and research proposals, especially essay writing which will help you in writing effective and succinct project reports while at the university.

Developing your Statement of Purpose

The other most important document in your set of application is your Statement of Purpose (SoP) which is nothing but an essay outlining your academic background, your career aspirations and ambitions, future career plans and how a stint at their university will help you in your career pursuit.  The university will analyse your SoP very closely, where each word use carries a lot of weight, and the critical decision of granting an admission is based on this document alone.  Hence, developing your SoP is very important and we have gained complete mastery over this process, benefiting hundreds of students in the process.


Many countries require that students must clear a few mandatory admission tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GATE.  Campus Call will prepare you thoroughly, enabling you to clear them with flying colours.  Your scores in these tests also have a positive impact on further improving your chances of getting admission clearance.

Apart from these, Campus Call will, if required, advice you to undergo a few scientifically designed aptitude tests which will help you get more clarity with your talent, potential and aptitude.  The results will, with very high probability, indicate your vocation that is best suited for you, improving your chances of achieving success in your chosen profession.

Mastering the Visa Interview

Your application may have been granted the approval for admission into their university but you are still not there until you get there.  A major step is the submission of Visa Application and facing the Visa Interview where the Embassy official will do his best to grill you to find out your real purpose of seeking admission, why have you chosen a specific program or university, what are your sources for funding your education, your plans to return to your native country and career prospects.  Over the years, we have taken feedback from students who have successfully cleared the Visa Interview and those who have not, enabling us to pool that knowledge back to help the next generation of students in successfully clearing the Visa Interview.  We conduct one-to-one session in a mock type interview enabling you to prepare for every type of question that you can encounter at the Embassy.