Study in Germany

Germany is host to some of the best automobile and engineering companies. Although Germany had a chequered past in the pre-cold war era, it has emerged as a destination of eminence and lot of Indian students prefer to study there.  Its main front like industries are manufacturing and engineering, information technology, aerospace and aviation and students desirous of pursuing them prefer to study there.  Some universities offer course in English to attract students from other countries.

Why study in Germany

An interesting fact which many people, especially students are unaware of is that Germany is a very popular destination, with some experts pitching it at number three for the most popular choice amongst students for higher education. If you opt to study in Germany, you would be among the 12% of all the international students who go there every year for their education.  This number is increasing every year.  The last estimate, about 4500 students chose Germany for their International studies, allowing you to make your own decision, which should of course, be based on various parameters like the area of specialisation that you want to pursue and its availability there.

Germany has evolved as the place of intellectuals and is especially known for technological breakthroughs in cutting edge industrial technology.  Germany is home to three most popular products, viz. Mercedes Benz, the BMW and the Audi cars which are manufactured there.

Germany prides itself in offering as many as 800 courses under the three broad degree programmes, i.e. Bachelors or the Graduate programme, the Master’s Degree and the research based Doctoral programmes.  Some of its popular programmes are the Masters Programme in Mechnical, Computer Sciences, Electronics & Communication, Bio-Technology.  Equally popular are other programmes like Masters in Management (various specialisation options also available like Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Economics, Business, International Research, etc.)

An added advantage is that most of the courses are offered in English Language, not necessitating the need to learn an additional foreign language.  However, if you know German language, it will be an added advantage.

Two broad reasons make Germany the most attractive destination for students.  One being that you can pursue your international education and still not pay a substantial amount as tuition fees.  The German government finances the cost of education and therefore, you either pay no fees or the fees are very minimal.  This reduces your overall cost of education substantially while at the same time you get a competitive international education which is globally acceptable.

Another important factor in your decision making could be that the cost of living is very affordable as compared to other places in Europe, United Kingdom, USA or other countries.  The costing of living is either at part or lower than par as compared to the above mentioned countries.

In addition to living in Germany being affordable, it is one of the safest places to be with effective Police management and the crime rate is under their effective control.  They are well equipped to handle every type of situation and they are some of the best Police authorities in the world.  Safety of their child is very critical to parents and therefore, it measures a score when it comes to safety of students in Germany.  The life there is also very peaceful, with lots of cinema halls, transport systems, restaurants and others offered concessions and discounts to international students.

If you are not able to find an educational institution which offers free or subsidised education, do not lose heart.  The German Government has a very effective programme called the “German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), under which it offers innumerable scholarships to students with good academic profile.  The DAAD website offers a comprehensive database of all the institutions, criteria, scholarships and a host of information that a student planning to study in Germany must study it carefully.

About Germany as a Country

Germany holds a very historic place in the world history.  One of the most iconic leaders Germany has produced is Adolf Hitler and the name sends a chill down one’s spine, the moment it is uttered. But that is not all.  Germany was divided after the World War into East and West Germany but after the collapse of the Cold War, the Berlin wall was brought down and the two countries were united making them a powerful force to reckon with.

Germany is a democratic country and it follows the parliamentary system for governance and policy making.

Germany is one of the founding members of the European Union.  It is a very significant country in the whole of European region with as many as 80 million people living there, making it the most populous country in the EU.  It’s main cities being Berlin, also being its capital (after the fall of the Berlin Wall and Unification of East and West Germany) with a population of 3.3 million, followed by Hamburg with a population of 1.7 million and trailed by Munich with close to 1.3 million people living in it.  Amongst the EU states, Germany is the fifth largest economic power backed by strong exports of electrical, engineering, industrial and heavy machinery, robotics, mechatronics, solar technology, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, defence supplies having superiority in air and ground based strike capabilities.

Germany also has a very beautiful country side and most of its agricultural process is automated.  There a many places of historical and tourist interest which is a must see when going to Germany and it is not only about its urban centres which needs to be visited.

Politically, the country has been distributed into 16 federal states, with each state having their independent rules, which govern the universities within their jurisdiction.  There is no common rule that governs all the educational institutions and hence each university will have their own rules and regulations.  This can be slightly tricky when it comes to doing your own research and can be time consuming.  But we at Campus Call are fully geared to guide you about it.

Popular German brands

A few of the major German brands are Siemens which has international presence, Bayer the pharmaceutical and agro based products, automobile giants like the Mercedes, BMW and Audi.  Germany is also an integral component supplier in the manufacture of Airbus aircrafts

Germany is more popular for engineering programs, as the education fees is as good as free

Universities in Germany:

  • University Of Stuttgart
  • Heidelberg University
  • Anhalt University,
  • FH Aachen
  • KIT
  • RWTH Aachen