Funding Your Study Abroad

Pursuing Studying Abroad is a dream for many but becomes difficult for students from families who have limited source of income.  However, if you are a student with good, if not excellent academic performance during your schooling and pre-graduation years, then there is good news.  Studying abroad need not be completely at the cost of meeting your family’s essential needs like your siblings education, his/her marriage, buying a new house, or taking care of the health and medical expenses of elders in the family or something as essential as maintaining long-term financial security.

While merit scholarships and aid for funding is largely awarded on a student’s consistent academic performance and leadership qualities displayed, there are other methods of getting access to these funds. Universities which are able to attract self-funded students with academic profiles may not necessarily support a student with good academic performance but who does not have the financial wherewithal to support the cost of his education.  Although, apply you must, even if chances are bleak.

However, universities which are not able to attract students with good academic background may be willing to offer funds to lure them to take admission in their institution. However, this is easier said than done.  We at Campus Call have, researched and collected database of such universities, where the quality of teaching-learning is not compromised but yet they are not able to attract students, either on account of the recent launch or because their overall rankings are not as high as the established ones.