Traditionally, Indian students and parents have developed an affinity for certain countries as the preferred choice for their child’s study abroad.  Indian parents always want their children to go abroad to study.  Well, not every parent can afford to send their children abroad for higher studies.  Not all children are academically brilliant.  If they are academically brilliant, they have not ambition to pursue higher studies because of various factors like their family’s financial and economic condition.  For some, it is not even thought of.

Well you are fortunate, very fortunate.  With the support and care of your parents, you have been able to go to good school, have a good education and they have encouraged you to go abroad for higher studies and see you as a successful individual.  It is their dream that they want you to achieve.

Talking about only higher studies abroad, parents are not right.  If they want you to go to any of the countries for higher studies, then there are better reasons than that.  These countries have acclaimed academic institutions of learning with proven track record.